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St John Henry Newman Catholic School Mission Statement


Our mission is to educate our pupils in the wholeness of mind, body and spirit through the teachings of Jesus Christ as proclaimed by the Catholic Church by placing Him at the centre of their lives. We encourage pupils to cultivate Christian virtue and an appropriate sense of social responsibility. We support the spiritual and mental well-being of all our community on a daily basis.


Our school commits itself to the principles of Catholic education and academic excellence, leading our pupils from shadows and images to the fullness of the Truth, as envisioned by St John Henry Newman. We inspire an enthusiasm for life-long learning and are committed to success for all, ensuring that all our community has the highest aspirations to achieve the best outcomes in life.

St John Henry Newman Catholic School – Governors’ Strategic Vision 2018-2023  

This text sets out our aspirations for St John Henry Newman Catholic School and provides a description of the school we would like to see evolve as the manifestation of our ambitions.

Each year’s School Improvement Plan will take us closer to achieving these goals and will represent the practical steps required to deliver this vision.    


We will develop a school which is characterised by:

  • Christian values, where Catholic teaching is at the centre of every aspect of school life, and kindness and compassion are qualities which are shared by the whole school community
  • equal respect for all members of the school community in which diversity is welcomed and celebrated  
  • dedicated, highly professional and committed staff who fulfil their various roles to the highest of standards and work effectively as a team
  • fostering high aspirations and determination in our pupils, and driving them to be high achievers in all aspects of their learning and development
  • a safe, nurturing and inclusive outlook


As a result of our collective efforts, we expect our pupils to be:

  • well rounded young people, independent, confident and articulate, outward facing and ready to make a positive difference in the world as responsible citizens in a tolerant and democratic society
  • happy and able to fulfil all dimensions of their human potential: spiritual, academic, personal and social
  • shaped by Christian values, and willing to contribute actively in their faith and secular communities, providing a positive example to others
  • confident in their abilities and equipped to achieve excellence in their studies leading to success in continuing education or training and future careers
  • both leaders and good team players with a strong sense of self-esteem as well as respect for others
  • the best that they can be, behaving in such a way that all can be proud of them
  • self-disciplined and courteous, setting an example to others


The school will provide an environment which is:

  • an inspirational place in which to learn: spacious, light, attractive and stimulating
  • suitable to meet all needs – physical, academic, personal, social and spiritual
  • furnished with a distinctive and prominent working chapel open to all, at all times, with regular Masses
  • supportive of learning in all domains, flexible and responsive to the changing curricular requirements of the 21st Century
  • responsive to the progression routes of all pupils, including the provision of high quality post-16 programmes within its own distinctive sixth form.
  • an environment which brings pupils together, with communal and recreational spaces conducive to a civilised experience
  • safe, secure and appropriate to the diverse needs of the pupil community
  • well resourced with the equipment and materials required to provide the best contemporary education possible


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