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An Inspector Calls

English Literature Revision Page: An Inspector Calls

Welcome to the ‘English Literature: An Inspector Calls’ revision page. We want to empower parents to help their children to learn at home. By watching these videos regularly with your son/daughter, and discussing, writing down key information, and testing one another on the information, you’ll be making a direct impact on your son/daughter’s GCSE results.

AQA is our exam board. You can find an example of the ‘An Inspector Calls’ Paper on the link: Inspector Calls Paper

Use the index on Page 3 to find the ‘An Inspector Calls’ Question. 

The videos below are made by Mr Bruff (an English Teacher who pupils and teachers up and down the country really rate). He takes you through the details of the text ‘An Inspector Calls’ looking at key characters, quotations and themes.


General Analysis

Character: Sheila

Character: Mrs Birling

Character Analysis: Goole

Act 2 Summary and Analysis

Key Quotations

Analysis of Form

Student Example: Eric

Mrs Birling and Social Class

Deep Analysis Part 1

Character: Gerald

Character: Eric

Theme: Young Vs Old

Act 3 Summary and Analysis

1912 Vs 1945

Student Example: Mrs Birling

Student Example: Sheila

Full Mark Answer

Deep Analysis Part 2

Character: Mr Birling

Character: Eva/Daisy

Act 1 Summary and Analysis

Goole’s Speech Analysis


Student Example: Goole

Sheila’s Changing Character

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