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Language Paper 1

English Language Paper 1 Revision Page

Welcome to the English Language Paper 1 revision page. We want to empower parents to help their children to learn at home. By watching these videos regularly with your son/daughter and discussing, writing down key information and testing one another on the information, you’ll be making a direct impact on your son/daughter’s GCSE results.

Use the videos below to tackle the example paper with your son/daughter. Watch the video first, then approach the question.

The videos are made by Mr Bruff (an English Teacher who pupils and teachers up and down the country really rate). He takes you through the requirements for each question video by video, to ensure pupils know fully what is expected of them in the Language Paper 1 examinations.

Language Paper 1

AQA is our exam board. To see an example of English Paper 1, click: Language Paper 1
The handout to go with the paper can be found here: Language Handout 1


Timing is Key

Question 3

Narrative Writing Approach

A05: Structural Features

A06: Capital Letters

A06: Semi Colons

Mind Blowing Descriptive Writing

Question 1

Question 4

A good piece of narrative writing

A05: Ambitious Vocabulary

A06: Apostrophes

A06: Sentence Variety

Prepare For Future Exams

Question 2

Descriptive Writing Approach

A05: Linguistic Devices

A06: Commas

A06: Sentence length

Tips for the English Paper 1 Exam

Revision Techniques and Tips

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