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At St John Henry Newman School our Geography lessons hope to inspire in pupils an interest and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. We aim to develop students’ knowledge and understanding alongside acquiring a wide range of skills. Both physical and human geography is studied within each academic year.

Michael Palin “Geography is a living, breathing subject, constantly adapting itself to change. It is dynamic and relevant. For me geography is a great adventure with a purpose.

If you have any queries regarding Geography please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Christine Carr
Head of Geography


Key Stage 3 Geography

Year 7

Students will study the following

  • Location Location. This unit involves students becoming more familiar and more competent with a wide range of skills as well as an appreciation of the idea of “ location “ when covering various issues and themes in Geography
  • Here students consider the growth of settlements, how they have changed over time and some of the key issues facing urban areas today.
  • Students study the key physical characteristics of rivers and the impacts of flooding; which is an ever growing problem for us all today.
  • Weather and climate. The key aspects of weather and climate are covered and how it can affect our everyday lives..
  • The UK. Students will focus on the key physical and human aspects of the UK and how dynamic a place it is.
  • A geographical enquiry based on a local issue.


Year 8

 Students will study  

  • This unit covers the growth of tourism worldwide and the impact this has had on destinations around the world
  • Tectonic processes. Here students will study the reasons for and the impacts of a natural hazard.
  • Through the study of a chosen theme students will consider how globalisation is affecting us all around the world.
  • A region within Africa .Students will study both the human and physical aspects of a chosen region within Africa.
  • The dynamic coastline. Key themes here include the changing coastline and what is being done to protect vulnerable areas.
  • A geographical enquiry


Year 9

Students will study

  • A key region of Asia is studied looking at both the human and physical aspects of a chosen region
  • Climate change. A key focus is the changing global climate: why it is happening and what can be done to minimise the problems which affect us all.
  • Our planets demand for energy continues to rise and the key impact this has on the planet.
  • Extreme Environments. Here students look at the location of extreme environments around the world. Through an in depth study of one of these they consider the factors which create such an environment and the challenges and opportunities that exist there.
  • Population and migration. The world’s population is constantly on the move. Here students study why and the consequences of this for particular regions around the world
  • Geographical Enquiry. Here students embark on a chosen study which allows them to present, analyse and evaluate data.

GCSE Geography (AQA) - Key Stage 4

The new AQA GCSE Geography specification covers the following topics:

1. Living with the Physical World
Section A - The challenge of Natural Hazards (tectonic hazards and weather hazards).
Section B - The Living World (ecosystems, tropical rain forests, hot deserts or cold environments).
Section C - Physical landscapes in the UK. Two from coastal landscapes. River landscape and glacial landscapes.

2. Challenges in the Human Environment
Section A - Urban issues and challenges.
Section B - The changing economic world.
Section C - The challenge of resource management.

3. Geographical Applications
Section A - Issue evaluation.
Section B - Fieldwork.
Section C - Geographical skills.

Paper 1
 Living in the Physical Environment

Time 1 .30 hours (35 % of the course)

In this paper students will be assessed on the Challenge of Natural Hazards, The Living World, Physical Landscapes of the UK and Geographical Skills.

Paper 2 Challenges in the Human Environment

Time 1.30 hours (35 % of the course) Changing Economic World, the Challenge of resource management

In this paper students will be assessed on Urban Issues and challenges, The Changing Economic World, the Challenge of resource management al Skills.

Paper 3 Issues Evaluation and Skills

Time 1 .15 hours (30 % of the course)

In this paper students will be given a pre- release booklet 12 weeks before the examination which they will be able to study and analyse the content.

In all examination papers there will be

  • an element of literacy and students will be assessed on their spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • a variety of question types from multiple choice, short answers and extended prose.

The qualification will be graded on a nine point scale 1 to 9, where 9 is the highest.

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