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ICT Club

Contained on this page are various pieces of work created by pupils at Newman during their ICT club.

By Maddie (year9):

How Many Bees Do You Want?

I have been learning HTML in ICT club. I have made this in ICT club over 3 weeks. It involves HTML and CSS which are types of computer code. You can change the number of bees to 1,2 or 3. By Maddie

By Ayden (year7):

To Do List

This piece of code was made on HTML 5 you can put items into the box and press add item to create something on your to do list. Press save when you refresh the site and they will disappear until you press load. Click on a piece of text on the list to delete it.

Teacher note:

On the left have side we have an example of a complex dynamic animation. Students are using mixture of HTML, CSS, JavaScript programming skills. Below I have added screenshot of the code students were creating to achieve the final effect.


Teacher note:

While creating to do list students have learned what web browser cookies are and how to use them. We have created multiple custom functions to control response to mouse clicks. Below screenshot contains source code for Ayden’s to do list.  

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