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Biology Week


We are running a cross curricular BioArtAttack art competition to celebrate Biology week along with the Royal Society of Biolgoy-next week along with Art. It is open to all year groups. Pupils can enter the competition with something they might have already drawn or made or a new drawing.Your entry can be anything from drawings and sculptures to models and collages of any scale. The piece of art created can be entered by an individual or as a group. From the very big to the very small: Your BioArtAttack could take inspiration from the smallest parts of the natural world that only a microscope can see: think cell structures, bacterial colonies and microscopic organisms.

If you prefer to think big, you could use vast environments or ecosystems as the theme of your entry.

Your piece of art could be based around great savannahs, wide-open plains or immense rainforests and the huge range of diversity contained within them.

Hands-on science: Lab or field equipment could be the focus of your artwork, with fascinating tools and apparatus being used by scientists to provide ways to make wonderful discoveries.

Take a look around your school lab or science classroom to get started with ideas for your entry.

Scientific concepts: Why not use your BioArtAttack to help explain a biological concept, theory or area of biology that particularly interests you?

Art can be a great way to visualise something that may seem complex or difficult to understand.

Closing date 8th October. Entries to Mrs Faria or Miss Bentley

In other news staff and pupils have brought in a variety of scientific objects for pupils to review! 

Faye donated some baby stick insects that have grown in our Stick insects enclosure. Liam  donated a snake skin, which is so cool. Mrs Singh has bought in a wasp nest. Do you have any interesting oddities to share - if so bring them for Mrs Dent! 

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