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As a parent, you are one of the most pivotal influences in your child’s life. To paraphrase Dalai Lama, you’ve given your child roots in the early years of their life, and now is a time when you have to start nurturing their wings to help them to fly. Whether you’re the role model, the listener, the encourager or the one who drags them kicking and screaming through their education, we value your role and want to help you, to help them to build their futures.

If your child has an identified Special Educational Need and/or Disability, and you have specific questions in relation to careers guidance, we would be happy to arrange an appointment with you to discuss how we can implement a specific, tailored programme so that we maximise your child’s chances of future success.

If you would like to discuss your child’s career aspirations, you can contact Shaun Forrester (Careers Leader) directly: or Mary Brookes (Careers Officer) directly:

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Information for Parents/Carers

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