Student Parliament

Student Parliament

It is with great pleasure that I can confirm the names of the student form representatives and deputies for the 2019-20 school year. These students will take part in numerous fundraising and youth parliament activities in order to raise student voice within St John Henry Newman and make a difference both within the school and in the wider community.

The representatives are as follows:

Representative Year Group  Form
J Ingleton 7 KAB
H Guest 7 KAB
E Dela Cruz   7 KJF
B Okoro 7 KJF
O Kozlowski 7 LMC
C Irwin 7 LMC
E Walker 7 SJG
L Cooney 7 SJG
O Skinner 7 KAM
O Tylski 7 KAM
E Long 8 CMM
B Cameron 8 CMM
A McKenzie 8 ERL
Z Jacewicz 8 ERL
 K Cowan 9 HCD
A Welsh-Graham 9 HCD
H Arrowsmith 9 HHE
Representative Year Group Form
C Hanskut 9 HHE
J Brown 10 AJR
D Earnhardt 10 AJR
J Gibson 10 JAR
E Davidson 10 JAR
B Sherring 10 KLW
M Strzyznska 10 KLW
W Okoro 10  RAH
R Moscrop 10 RAH
U Joy 11  API
L Walker 11 API
C Denny 11 HKE
J Robinson 11 HKE
B Finnigan 11 KAN
S Webb 11 KAN
S Fisher 11 SMO
C Van Tilburg 11 SMO

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