Student Parliament

Student Parliament

It is with great pleasure that I can confirm the names of the student form representatives and deputies for the 2020-21 school year. These students will take part in numerous fundraising and youth parliament activities in order to raise student voice and make a difference both within the school and in the wider community.

 Mrs Moore.

The Student Parliament has appointed the following members to the Parliamentary Cabinet:

Prime Minister: J Robinson

Minister for Education: O Kozlowski

Ministers for Welfare: E Walker and B Finnigan

Ministers for Charity: E Dela Cruz and E Long

Student Parliament meets every half term to discuss issues that are relevant to school life. At the last student parliament meeting the main discussion centred around organising charity events within forms. The representatives are currently working with their form to raise as much money as possible for their chosen charity before the end of term. The next Student Parliament meeting is scheduled to take place within the next couple of weeks and items for the agenda include discussing wellbeing of students and identifying any current issues that the pupils are concerned about within the school community, we will also be planning activities ready for the next academic year.

Student Parliament Representatives:

Form Main Representative Deputy
7KAB J Ingleton H Guest
7KAM O Skinner O Tylski
7KJF E Dela Cruz   B Okoro
7LMC O Kozlowski  C Irwin
7SJG E Walker L Cooney
8CMM E Long B Cameron
8ECN C Sobocki R Mukupa
8ERL A McKenzie Z Jacewicz
9CHC E Wilson R Smith and M Dolata
9HCD K Cowan A Welsh-Graham
9HHE H Arrowsmith C Hanskut
10AJR J Brown D Earnhardt
10JAR J Gibson E Davidson
10KLW B Sherrington M Strzyznska 
 10RAH W Okoro R Moscrop
11API U Joy L Walker
11HKE C Denny
J Robinson (will also attend)
J Robinson
11KAN B Finnigan S Webb
11SMO  S Fisher C Van Tilburg
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