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Pupils Introduction

Welcome to St John Henry Newman Catholic School. As Head pupils we have many responsibilities within our school community. These include acting as a mentor for younger pupils and involvement in the literacy support scheme. We also represent our pupils at parents’ evenings, open evenings and in undertaking guided tours for families who are interested in joining our school.
We are part of an active Sixth Form Council, the pupil body that has responsibility for the running of the school’s sixth form, which organises social events, fundraising and links with the wider Carlisle community. We hope that you will enjoy finding out more about our school.

Head Pupil - Angelica

Simone Soars, Head Girl

Hi, my name is Angel, I am currently studying Health and Social Care, Maths and Biology. After completing sixth form, I hope to achieve my personal future aspirations by attending university and specialising in a nursing degree. In my free time I am passionate about painting and all things artistic. During the rest of my time at St John Henry Newman Catholic School, I would like to help create a positive environment for students and teachers in the school by promoting mental health awareness and making lives better for others.

Head Pupil - Abigail

Hello, I’m Abigail. I'm currently studying for A Levels in Chemistry, History, and Product Design. When I leave school, I hope to go to university to study forensic science because becoming a forensic scientist is a dream of mine.  In my free time, I love to crochet and play video games. With my time left at St John Henry Newman Catholic School, I want to make a difference and mentor and help other students as much as I can, for example, by organising whole-school events and using my own experiences to offer advice.
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